We believe that reproductive freedom means having the means to reliably, safely, and legally control our fertility. The following are some selected issues of current interest plus links to general information about and issues concerning contraceptive use and women's health.


Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception (EC) is recognized as an early, safe alternative to failed contraception. Many organizations provide fact sheets and other research about EC use, including SIECUSPlanned ParenthoodNWHN, and NARAL. Most of these organizations also publish information about legislative motions around the availability of EC over-the-counter for women over 18 and dangers of allowing pharmacists to refuse to dispense this legal medication to women who seek it.




We oppose the agenda of the religious right to impose one set of moral values on all youth through the promulgation of abstinence-until-marriage sexual education programs. SIECUS provides an explanation and evaluation of abstinence-until-marriage programs for youth sexual education, including research on virginity pledges.


Facts for Advocates


The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals provides links to current news stories, information, and research on contraceptive use and availability. Planned Parenthood provides information about behavioral, over-the-counter, and prescription methods of birth control, and the Feminist Women's Health Center makes a comprehensive comparison of different forms of contraception.

The Guttmacher Institute offers media kits, fact sheets, statistics, and overviews of state policies about contraceptives. To facilitate political action, the Center for Reproductive Rights collects fact sheets on legal advocacy for contraceptive issues, including EC, contraceptive equity bills, and contraceptive availability.